Finito® Ta-Dah Web Offset

The New Blanket concept of the No•Stop Family for web heatset offset presses.

Thanks to innovative materials we have developed this new system that is born to change once again the way of setting the blanket cylinder on web heatset press.
Ta-Dah offers the guarantee to achieve and maintain the right thickness at every blanket change without worrying about the adhesive film. Every printer knows very well how unstable can be the adhesive film under the blanket of the web machine, the problems that generates as it begins to detach from the cylinder due to chemicals infiltration.

This is combined with the difficulty to remove and re-apply the film on the cylinder in an homogenous way free from wrinkles and air bubble that may affect the print quality and the stability of the film itself. In addition adhesive film is not making any sealing protection to avoid the moisture beneath the blanket which slowly by slowly compromise the stability of the blanket. This moisture will penetrate between the film and the cylinder causing possible corrosion of the metal surface.

Ta-Dah is solvent swelling free and works as a gasket on the cylinder avoiding any solvent penetration.

Ta Dah ideas

Ta-Dah offers, thanks to a very accurate thickness, a strict stability of the paper band which means higher printing speed, better ink transfer reducing paper dust and ink piling, allowing to stretch the time between wash cycles, reducing consequently paper waste. The special construction reduce dramatically the edge marking caused by the different paper size/thickness. No collapse in the gap area allows to maximize the printing area. Ta-Dah technology improves the contrast either on highlight and on the half tone, but also the solid colours will benefit of the special elasticity of the compound used for the bottom layer, both for Coated and Uncoated paper.

Key Performance
• Very quick to install
• No need of polyester substrate
• Limited gauge loss
• Excellent sealing cylinder protection
• Improved blanket stability on cylinder
• Register stability

• Longer lifetime
• Better smashing resistance
• Optimal Ink transfer
• Swelling resistance

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Finito® Ta-Dah


Finito Ta-Dah

• Very quick to install
• No need of polyester substrate
• Limited gauge loss