The Company was founded in 1961 by Elia Levi Acobas and since then the focus was on the printing industry.
 For more than 50 years the Company has been distributing on the Italian market, through an exclusive agreement, the compressible blanket for offset Vulcan.


Roberto Levi
Elia Acobas Levi

“…and who’s there?”

Elia Levi Acobas

“The greatest satisfaction comes when the expectation is minimal ”

Roberto Levi Acobas
Massimiliano Belardinelli

“Never give up! Sails open, rudder in the center and heading for success. Good wind!”

Massimiliano Belardinelli

“Talk about your product but don’t forget to listen to your customer.”

Luigi Casella

“Through the eyes of gratitude, everything is a miracle”

Teoh Mei Kinn
Davide Panizza

“Every day we run towards our goals, happy but focused, as our nature wants”

Davide Panizza