Laminating Hot/Cold

Finito Laminating Hot/Cold

Finito® Gold special rubber fabric for narrow web printing machines or flat systems for label printing, where present module for the application of Cold Foil & Hot Foil lamination, to achieve the extraordinary effects obtainable by overprinting any label print or printing support with an effect foil metallic such as Gold & Silver.

Finito® Foil special blanket for almost all types of Offset machines, it is used for the application of lamination cold “Cold Foil”, to achieve the extraordinary effects by overprinting any printed or printing support with a metallic effect foil such as for example Gold & Silver.

Finito Gold - Foil

Finito Gold

• High Mechanical resistance
• Low static electricity
• Easy to install


Finito Foil

• Excellent transfer property
• No Static Electricity
• Long life on press