About Printgraph is more than distribution Production, Research and Development
Our research and development team is always looking for innovative solutions to bring to the printing market. From the first trials with stochastic screens, to waterless printing, to the innovative Finito line, we never get tired of looking at the future. We create innovative solutions based on Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thanks to an extensive know-how related to the production, extrusion and development of innovative materials. Do you have an idea to develop? Let's talk about it. The Future. Always. Production

Our Innovative Solutions Our Research & Development team has an extended know-how and a focus on the requirements of various applications. In Printgraph we use and develop unique technology and capabilities to meet the most demanding challenges. Polymer Expertise Extrusion Engineered Materials Our Polymer expertise is combined with processing capabilities, resulting in engineered materials for several industries and application.

The Finito line
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A revolutionary product made for speed up and simplifiying the life of professional printers.
A giant improvement over standard products with economical benefit too. Finito is a complete line of more than 20 products ready to fit your needs.
Blanket and underpacking