Recyl Graphics

Recyl cleaning products are available for Anilox Rolls, parts, plates and inking groups. Applications include: restoring and maintaining anilox volume, parts and ink trays cleaning, plate clean-up for solvent, UV, water based inks and coatings, prevention of plate ink build-up (making plates easier to clean), and flexo circulation cleaner to clean the printing unit.

Cleaning Product
Thanks to our wide range of cleaning products, Recyl allows you to clean your anilox, parts, plates, inking groups, for any type of ink or any inking process. From maintenance to unclogging, Recyl products are really quick to proceed and very efficient.

Cleaning Machines
With its wide range of cleaning machines, Recyl gives you the opportunity to clean your anilox, parts, plates and inking groups with automated systems, without stopping the printing chain. Our machines work with different processes : chemical (with our chemical cleaning products), ultrasonic and media blasting.

Recyl supplies a lot of different complementary accessories your printing machines cleaning : brushes, filters and cleanliness measurement & control instruments, protective blankets…