Finito® underblankets replaces old underpacking blankets and calibrated papers, with an exclusive innovative material eliminating all the storage and management problems of conventional underpacking. Whilst slightly more expensive than traditional packing, the initial extra cost is a smart investment over a period of time. Finito® also boosts productivity by dramatically reducing down time.

Finito® enables the right thickness to be easily achieved. Finito® is installed on the press just like underblankets and/or calibrated papers.

  • Lasts up to 6x Longer
  • Improved Stability
  • High Usage Flexibility
  • Solvent Resistant

Finito® Circle

Finito® Circle compares itself with the classic calibrated paper, but in its composition contains several technological innovations in line with the current needs of the increasingly advanced and fast printing machines, and environmental (Cradle to Cradle)
Finito® Circle is composed of two layers:
• the first layer is made by recovering the waste TPU raw material used in our production cycles.
• the second layer with paper produced from the recovery of waste from the fruit production processes, making it raw material.
Technically, the Finito® Circle guarantees stability, mechanical and chemical resistance and elasticity necessary to attenuate vibrations and improve the transfer of ink on the various supports normally printed are these paper, plastic, metallic.
Finito® Circle does not forget the appearance of time, an increasingly important element in daily production, thanks to its structure the product is much more resistant than conventional products of undercoating, thus reducing downtime.
Finito® Circle for its nature can be considered a product from Circular Economy.
Finito Circle

Finito W

• Thickness gauge tolerance
• Hi Mechanical resistance
• Self Leveling


Finito S

• Thickness gauge tolerance
• Hi Mechanical resistance
• Self Leveling


Finito Circle

• Mechanical resistance
• Thickness flatness
• Easy to install


Finito B

• Thickness gauge tolerance
• Hi Mechanical resistance
• Self Leveling