Finito no•stop Hi

The new Finito no•stop version

Finito No•Stop HI® is the new Finito No•Stop HI®version especially developed for printing presses that use under-packing in thickness above one millimeter.
In this version, to take into account the specific requirement of large size presses, a special Finito® version has been combined with the best traditional technology of printing blankets.
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  • increase of productivity
  • average life longer than conventional blanket and under-packing
  • adapting to cylinder profile
  • stability in thickness
  • protection of the cylinder and from infiltration
  • wide range of use
  • better dot reproduction
  • higher slur stability
  • high smash resistance
  • easy and fast setup


  • Construction: 3 ply with a special layer
  • Top surface color: Dark Green
  • Bottom color: Orange
  • Printing surface: Compound for conventional printing
  • Printing surface finish: Microbuffed
  • Surface roughness – Ra (μm:) 0,1÷1,2
  • Compressible layer: Closed cells
  • Average load value (N/cm2 @0,23 mm indentation) ~ 250
  • Thickness (mm): On demand
  • Hardness (Shore A): 81