What is PURe?

PURe is a totally new ink system. PURe inks abstain from toxic substances for the protection of employees and consumers, from fossil carbons for the protection of the atmosphere and from soy, coconut and palm oil for the protection of tropical rain forests.

PURe is mineral oil free. The binding agents are based on 100 per cent natural substances without any further chemical modifications or syntheses. We do not use palm, coconut or soy oils which are mainly responsible for deforestation of tropical rain forests. Additionally, we abstain completely from the use of photo initiators, metal dryers such as cobalt, and other metal soaps. Therefore, PURe is the purest and most sustainable ink system you can use today.

Technologically, PURe is a new, third and unique ink technology. The ink film is generated by a chemical reaction on the substrate, induced by the absorption of the liquid components. By this reaction, further processes such as folding or laminating can be done in a much shorter time.


PURe is free of labelling, proving the environmentally friendly and health-protecting character of the ink. The fast and resource-saving use of the natural ink saves the printer time and costs. The absorption of the odour-free ink adds to the quality assurance in printing. In comparison with conventional printing, which requires considerable drying times before finishing is possible, jobs can be processed much faster.

PURe has a high abrasion resistance.
PURe comprises the complete colour palette including metallic inks and varnishes.
PURe is certified for printing of food packages, and “Cradle-to-Cradle” Gold certified.